How COVID-19 Has Changed the Way You’ll Hire

How COVID-19 Has Changed the Way You’ll Hire

The aftermath of COVID-19 has led to record unemployment, flooding the talent pool with a lot more candidates.

This might lead to a tempting, but misleading conclusion that hiring is now easier. Unfortunately, that is not likely the case.

Before you dive headfirst into the candidate pool, take a step back to ensure you have the bandwidth and structure in place to screen through the influx of candidates. That means taking stock of your internal talent acquisition teams or outside staffing partners.

This will allow your technical teams to have the time to do their full-time jobs and ensure that they are only presented the top few candidates versus seeing 50 resumes for each opening.

Screening Candidates

With such an unprecedented influx of job seekers, companies are finding it challenging to keep up with the sheer number of applicants. That means poring over dozens, if not hundreds, of applications.

The task becomes more demanding if you need the role filled urgently. The amount of time you spend screening severely inhibits your ability to identify the top candidate for the role.

To manage the inflow of applicants, ensure that your talent acquisition teams are divided by their recruiting expertise. For example, you will not want to have a recruiter who usually focuses on finance and accounting recruiting to do all your technical screening for your technical roles. Give your internal recruiting teams a focus on the type of roles that they have an expertise in screening and recruiting for.

Where there is not an internal recruiting expertise, rely on your specialized staffing partners to complete your recruiting team.

Opening the Floodgates

The aftermath of COVID-19 has made at least one thing abundantly clear: remote work policies are here to stay. If your organization is considering implementing flexible schedules or fully remote work policies, open your candidate pool nationwide.

Leverage your internal talent acquisition teams or specialized staffing partners to present compensation variances based on various geographies.

Looking to the very near future

It’s a great time for companies with robust talent acquisition teams to focus on building and nurturing their candidate pipeline. Have your recruiting team build out their candidate pipelines in their area of specialization.

Leverage automation in the initial screening process to help save time in identifying the right talent. Prosum leverages AI tools and automation to help our technical recruiting teams screen through talent faster and to save time for our candidate pools and our recruiting teams. This allows our recruiters to spend their time focusing on building relationships and understanding our candidates’ skillsets and needs, rather than looking through unfit resumes all day.

If your organization has had to make difficult cuts to your internal talent acquisition teams, leverage your specialized staffing partners to screen though the significantly larger talent pool and have them continue to only present to you the top candidates for each role.

We’re still discovering new ways that COVID-19 is affecting recruiting at large and finding ways to adapt. If you still have questions about hiring, COVID-19 specific or just in general, reach out today.