8 Tips for Acing Your Video Interview

8 Tips for Acing Your Video Interview

The repercussions of COVID-19 have sent shockwaves through nearly every industry, affecting millions of lives. But despite popular belief, there are still organizations hiring. Now instead of showing up for an in-person interview, interviews are being conducted over video.  

Here are 8 tips to help you prep for your next one. 

1. Practice explaining your responsibilities and accomplishments from recent assignment

This might sound like an easy one considering you probably know the ins and outs of your role like the back of your hand. But without practice, it’s all too easy to lose your train of thought, especially if you go on a tangent or the interviewer interjects with a comment or question. To ensure that you can get right back on track, practice a concise explanation out loud. Practice to your partner or a friend and make sure they stay engaged during your explanation.

2. Prepare relevant, interesting questions for the interviewer that can demonstrate you understand the role

Before preparing your questions, read the description of the role. Then re-read it. Then re-re-read…you get it. While you’re reading the description, duties, and requirements, make note of opportunities to inquire about the projects they’re working on, and tools, methodologies, or programs they use. Beyond the role itselfpose questions that demonstrate your knowledge of the organization and where it’s positioned in the industry.  

3. Find a quiet, private, well-lit place, free from possible interruptions

We know this may seem like a huge feat with stay at home orders and school closures due to COVID-19, so get creative. Do you get reception in your garage? Can you block off the kitchen? Another equally important factor is internet connectivity. When choosing a spot, test that you have a stable internet 

4. Check that your computer’s audio and webcam are working properly

Do NOT wait until it’s time for the interview to fire up the webcam. Open your webcam to test the camera, or better yet, test call a friend. If you’re using a laptop and don’t see your picture when the webcam is on, check to see if your keyboard has a dedicated function key that enables/disables the camera.Be sure to download the video call program or run the browser version, prior to the call.  

5. Close any unnecessary web browser tabs and applications

Have you tried hunting down an autoplaying video ad in a sea of open web tabs during a conference call? I wouldn’t recommend it. Close any unnecessary browser tabs as well as any applications that you may trigger with a key press, especially media applications like Spotify.  

6. Dress professionally and avoid bright colors

We usually encourage candidatesinterviewing in-person to wear professional attire that allows your personality to shine through. But the video interview format introduces factors that can impede how you express yourself. Camera quality, poor lighting, and screen color saturation can blow out your bright red jacket and distract the interviewer. Avoid busy patterns like plaid or stripes. The key is to wear whatever makes you feel most confident for the task at hand. 

7. When listening, nod and smile to show that you’re engaged

Although convenient, video interviews make it much harder to communicate via body language. To compensate, try to smile and react appropriately to what the interviewer is saying. Nodding your head occasionally also shows that you are  

8. Mise en place

Or, everything in its place. Make sure you have everything you’ll need for the interview organized neatly in your space. Print a copy of your resume to reference, pour yourself a small glass of water, have your notepad and pen at the ready, and compile your notes and questions in an orderly fashion. It’s imperative that you have your notes prepared because you don’t want to be caught googling answers to any questions. That’s a major red flag to the interviewer.  

Hopefully you find these tips useful. If you have additional questions about interviewing tips or are looking for guidance in your hunt for your next role, reach out to us today!