Creating a remote work policy? Keep these in mind

Creating a remote work policy? Keep these in mind

For many businesses that rely heavily on face-to-face interaction, the shift to remote work can seem impossible. But as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to plague the world, companies across the globe are compelled to allow their employees to work from home.

If your business in Los Angeles, Orange County, Phoenix, or Denver doesn’t have a remote work policy yet, implement one now to reap its many benefits. Here's what you need to do.

1. Establish clear guidelines

First, determine how your employees can feasibly work remotely, no matter their role and responsibilities. Communicate clear rules and processes that employees must follow while working from home. This involves setting clear expectations for work hours, which may entail requiring staff to provide work reports on a daily or weekly basis.

Identify and provide the tools necessary for them to work productively. This constitutes your remote work policy.

It also helps to have a resource of your rules and processes that your employees can refer to if they have any questions. Make sure they maintain good work quality by following documented procedures — having a defined set of processes, flow diagrams, and checklists can ensure that tasks are performed correctly and items aren’t overlooked.

2. Promote accountability

To ensure continued productivity and efficiency, hold your employees accountable for their goals and deadlines. Be vigilant in monitoring their progress, as this helps you determine which areas need improvement.

There is a wide range of apps and tools that let you track employee progress. For instance, Microsoft Workplace Analytics allows you to gain insight into an employee’s productivity, efficiency, and behavioral patterns using data from everyday work in Office 365. Meanwhile, Trello lets you keep track of who’s working on what and where a particular task is in a process.

3. Offer tools to make remote work easy

Cloud technology offers a greater level of flexibility and accessibility, which is why cloud-based apps and tools are the most beneficial for remote work. Help your employees stay productive and grow professionally by providing them with remote work tools that simplify processes like document organization and real-time collaboration.

You can set up a session for exploring these tools and apps with IT staff, or enlist the help of an expert like Prosum to explain the uses and benefits of these pieces of software.

4. Communicate regularly

The typical office setup offers close proximity, making communication with employees easy. However, it’s a different story with remote work — communication breakdown is likely to occur if your workforce isn’t accustomed to remote work.

Some employees who are used to working in an actual office may feel left out or that they don't have access to the resources they need to perform their work well. It’s your responsibility as a business owner to reach out to them and set aside some time to socialize.

Keep them updated about the business by sending emails or posting videos. Plan for more conference calls and keep communication lines open especially if you have staff working from different locations.

5. Ensure your workplace is set up to handle remote workers

Before rolling out your remote work policy, make sure that your business is equipped to handle a new work setup. If key staff must remain in the office full time, make sure they have the tools to connect and collaborate with employees working remotely.

Besides work- or task-related tools and technologies, a scheduling system will make it easy to manage your employees when they need to come into the office from time to time.

All in all, having a strong remote work strategy in place is crucial to managing a virtual team and communicating the goals and objectives of this work setup to your employees.

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