Client stories: How Prosum helped three businesses with their IT

Client stories: How Prosum helped three businesses with their IT

Prosum understands how your business works and strives to deliver positive results with regards to managed services, project consulting, and IT staffing. The following stories demonstrate how Prosum has helped various organizations reach their goals with their "people first" approach.

Premier Southern California school district

One of Southern California's largest premier school districts needed a managed services provider (MSP) to assist in implementing Microsoft Office 365 (0365) and Google Apps for Education (GAFE) for more than 80,000 students and 15,000 staff members. They also wanted to migrate their current Novell Groupwise/Netware eDirectory environment to a more modern, fully cloud-managed 0365 and Google-hosted model.

The solution

Prosum assessed the school district’s existing infrastructure and developed an effective migration plan tailored to its needs.

Experts first focused on migrating 9 TB worth of data from the school district's existing servers to OneDrive for Business without altering existing permissions. Thousands of mailboxes and archives were also migrated to O365 in batches to prevent any issues before the cutover date.

Prosum then deployed an identity management solution to ensure both O365 and Google Apps work with the school district's existing eDirectory environment without any issues. This solution allowed system administrators to synchronize passwords, provision accounts, and set access privileges using a central console.


After the migration, the IT department of the school district was able to focus on assisting faculty members utilize the new services instead of solely focusing on hardware and software support.

Staff and students now use a more modern and secure messaging platform they can access from anywhere. Faculty and students are also able to access any documents or training materials stored in the cloud, as long as they are connected to the internet.

Major entertainment and video game company

A video game company based in Southern California was looking for an affordable IT infrastructure capable of supporting its fast-changing business. The primary challenge was the amount of time needed to reconfigure the company's servers to meet the business's fast-changing nature. IT infrastructure agility was also needed to handle the company's growth and evolving IT needs.

At the same time, the team was tasked with integrating new IT resources, assist new development teams, and move resources from one server to another. The ultimate goal of the business was to eliminate mundane IT tasks so that team members can focus on high-value-added work.

The solution

Prosum assisted the company in creating a cloud strategy and made its internal data center cloud-compatible.

Prosum then constructed a private cloud environment in its own data center using Windows Server 2012 and Microsoft System Center 2012 and transferred the remaining workloads to Windows Azure. This allowed the company's IT team to monitor games in real time, perform dynamic game management, see the number of active players, and perform other tasks to help optimize performance.

While setting up a private, in-house cloud environment, Prosum also migrated conventional workloads and file backups to Windows Azure and Microsoft Office 365.


Due to Prosum’s migration efforts, the company's IT team didn't have to worry about managing core IT work and maintaining the infrastructure. The company also transferred all their development and testing work to Windows Azure. This allowed them to develop fully functional "dev" environments in a short amount of time.

The company is also using Windows Azure to host multiple games in the cloud. As of 2014, the company was able to launch a series of game platforms running on Windows Azure.

City of Garden Grove

Garden Grove had over 200 workstations that needed to be installed with Windows 10. It had an internal team focused on Linux as well as an outdated deployment solution that would not work with Windows 10. They needed a Microsoft expert who could help them formulate a steadfast plan to deploy Windows 10 on their non-Microsoft environment.

The solution

Prosum used the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit — a free and widely used operating system deployment solution. Prosum and Garden Grove created a network and USB-based imaging solution using this application to successfully deploy Windows 10 to their workstations. Prosum also created a deployment method tailored specifically for Garden Grove, allowing them to install updated applications and patches faster and easier.


The city is now using the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit solution created by Prosum to deploy Windows 10 to new workstations with little or no effort at all. The Garden Grove team was also able to develop a new deployment sequence using Prosum's base solution. This enabled the Garden Grove IT team to install Windows 10 on a brand new Dell Tablet without encountering any issues.

Not only was Prosum able to accomplish the immediate goals of Garden Grove, but it also managed to guide the team on how to properly manage Windows machines using PowerShell.

Visit Prosum today to find out how we can help your business achieve its goals. If you’re looking for managed IT solutions, IT staffing services, co-managed IT services, and project consulting, we’re here to answer all your IT needs.

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