What are co-managed IT solutions and are these right for your business?

Your business needs a technology plan that’s aligned with your particular goals. This means a cookie-cutter one-size-fits-all approach won’t work for you. Instead, it’s better to adopt a scalable technology framework that combines the familiarity and functionality of existing in-house systems with the advantages of a cloud environment. But how can you determine which IT service model is the right one for you?

Although many firms are familiar with managed IT services, co-managed IT is also a great option for small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) outsourcing IT. A co-managed IT solution combines both in-house technician knowledge with that of an outsourced company. It is an emerging hybrid approach that allows you to offload any tech-related burden while maintaining control and visibility over your IT assets.

How will you know if a co-managed IT arrangement is right for you? Here are signs that your business may benefit from working with a managed services provider (MSP) that offersco-managed services:

IT staff is limited in size and experience

With one or two in-house IT professionals, you may find that they cannot accomplish certain challenges like selecting, maintaining, and optimizing the right IT solutions. These entail a certain level of knowledge and set of skills that a one-man show might not be able to accomplish.

With a co-managed arrangement, your business can tap into additional manpower and expertise provided by the MSP when needed. For instance, your in-house team can focus on day-to-day tasks while your MSP can handle issues that require higher-level support.

Your IT team is overworked

An overworked, overburdened team can only ultimately experience one thing: burnout. Whether they’re dealing with seasonal swings or special projects, undue pressure may cause fatigue, which could lead to unproductivity.

Having a co-managed IT solution will allow your business to bring in only the resources you need when you need them. If, for example, one of your clients is rapidly acquiring other businesses, your MSP can help maintain or transition that acquisition’s IT into the existing infrastructure. Additionally, your MSP can help lighten the load of a busy service desk staff, including preventing tickets from piling up on them.

Your IT staff lacks proper training

Organizations are constantly faced with opportunities to develop, innovate, and implement new IT systems and programs. However, your existing IT team might not have the experience required to successfully plan an initiative to seize such opportunities.

Fortunately for you, co-managed services have deep benches of experts that can provide a broad range of training programs. This is because good MSPs often send their IT specialists to continuing education courses that grant professional certifications.

Moreover, these IT experts carry a lot of experience working with various clients. This means they pack valuable lessons that your business can tap into.

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