Why outsourcing cybersecurity makes sense for your business

Why outsourcing cybersecurity makes sense for your business

When you’ve worked so hard to build your business, the last thing you want is for everything to come crashing down due to a data breach or leak. No matter the size or industry sector of your business, cybercriminals are out in force to exploit any vulnerability to break into your systems. It doesn’t help that there are even more potential entry points into the network either, now that businesses have become so heavily dependent on cloud and mobile technologies.

Fortunately, protecting your technology environment and bringing risk down to an acceptable level doesn’t have to be overly complicated or expensive. After all, smaller organizations usually can’t afford to spend the six-figure salaries demanded by cybersecurity experts. Outsourced cybersecurity has become a far more viable and scalable option that lets you enjoy the same level of information security that big enterprises are accustomed to, and here’s how:

#1. Dependable technical support

Today’s corporate IT environments are more complicated and there’s too much to manage if you’re entirely reliant on an in-house IT department. Threats come and go all the time, and hackers can strike at any time of the day or year. If a new vulnerability arises, you need to patch it as soon as possible, but that’s not likely to happen if your staff are busy doing other projects. Outsourcing cybersecurity provides access to technical support 24/7/365. Service level agreements stipulate maximum response times, and there’s no need to pay any extra thanks to an affordable and predictable subscription-based model.

#2. Immediate cost reduction

There’s no upper limit on what you can spend on information security. When you have to call in a technician to solve a critical problem, you usually have to pay by the hour, and there’s no telling how much it will cost to resolve. If a data breach does occur, the costs of remediation can quickly spiral out of control. Outsourcing your security turns all these costs into predictable operational expenses that you can easily budget for. Furthermore, proactive support ensures there’ll be no unpleasant and expensive surprises, so you can be confident your business is fully secured even if you’re not in the office.

#3. External layer of protection

Most cyberattacks stem from insider threat, whether due to accidental disclosure of sensitive data or malicious insider attacks. No matter how robust your internal security policies and practices are, the responsibility to enforce them entirely falls to you. By adding an external layer of protection, you can exponentially improve your risk maturity and stop threats from getting past your network defenses in the first place. Outsourcing also gives you a fresh perspective empowered by expert knowledge and experience. Many service providers take a share of the responsibility to protect your business from a compliance standpoint, too.

#4. Round-the-clock availability

Cyberattacks can strike at any time. One thing that applies across the board, however, is that hackers almost invariably go for the path of least resistance. That usually means launching an attack when a target has their guard down, which is typically out of office hours or during public holidays. Outsourced cybersecurity is akin to having a dedicated in-house security team that works around the clock every day of the year. With remote management and monitoring, and automated alerts, you’ll always be kept in the loop about any potential attacks or information leaks.

#5. Added business value

Investing in a robust information security architecture can add tremendous value to your organization. It can build trust among your customers and stakeholders, protect your reputation, and become a driver, rather than a blocker, of innovation. Outsourcing security gives your business access to the expertise and resources it needs to do that.

Managed cybersecurity services from Prosum serve as your first line of defense by proactively monitoring your systems and boosting your risk maturity. Call us today to start giving cyberthreats the boot.

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