8 Tech Topics to Keep on Your Radar in 2018

8 Tech Topics to Keep on Your Radar in 2018

Happy New Year! Here’s to all those New Years resolutions (I swear, this is going to be the year I finally get into a workout routine), mild hangovers (maybe one glass of champagne too many), and new work goals!

To start your new year off right, we’ve put together a short list of topics you’ll want to keep abreast of when you plan for 2018.

1. Security

A hot topic throughout all of 2017 with the various ransomware attacks, we think security is going to be the number one item for 2018. While in past years it’s been about collecting or visualizing data, 2018 is going to be all about securing the huge amounts of data that companies have now produced.

2. Artificial Intelligence

While this item will have varying impacts on your business depending on your industry, it’s going to be impossible to ignore in 2018. From automated financial asset investment to automated vacuum cleaners puttering around the house, consumers seem to have finally warmed up to AI and automation. Isn’t it time your business did as well?

Think about using AI to hone and develop data or automatically detect and prevent threats. Or consider using automation to easily scale business systems to maximize value and minimize cost.

3. Compliance

It’s tough to fit this in a single line item considering it covers so many different facets of business. From GDPR, to HIPAA, to ISO and PCI, knowing what applies to you and your company is half the battle. Don’t have a Security and Compliance Officer? You might want to add that to your list of 2018 resolutions.


General Data Protection Regulation. Passed by the EU in 2016, but taking effect in 2018, this specific piece of compliance regulation may do more to affect the IT landscape than nearly any previous legislation passed worldwide, which is why we decided to single it out. Depending on the infraction, penalties can range from a stern warning, to fines up to 4% of worldwide annual revenue. Think you’ll just fly under the radar and hope for the best?

⌈A recent Hilton security breach that cost them only $700,000 in fines could cost them $420 million dollars after the GDPR legislation takes effect in May of 2018.⌋

5. Blockchain

If you haven’t heard of Bitcoin and related technologies at this point, then you may literally live under a rock. While the real value of Bitcoin is debatable, the value of the blockchain that it’s based on isn’t. A public, immutable history that is globally available, searchable, and secure?

Blockchain technology could transform everything from legal documents to data warehousing. We haven’t seen real-world use that provides business value quite yet, but we’re keeping an eye out for it in 2018!

6. Identity

Are your users who they say they are? Really – when someone logs into their email account in Los Angeles, and then 5 minutes later from China, is it really them? Should they really be allowed to access company resources? Keeping track of who’s who and making sure that identities are simplified, unified, and secure is going to be key for 2018.

7. DevOps and Continuous Innovation

While not the buzzword that it’s been in past years, DevOps is still a driving force in IT. Merging development and operations in a unified process yields not just faster time from development to implementation, but with proper procedures in place, should yield a more complete product.

Don’t develop in-house or think this affects you? I bet that 3rd party applications your team uses are produced using this methodology, and if you’re not taking advantage of those rapid releases, you’re missing out!

8. Cloud

I know you’re probably sick of hearing about the cloud, but that doesn’t make it any less important for your business! With new offerings from the major providers, using the Cloud for increased business agility and scalability makes more sense now than ever.

If your core business isn’t Information Technology, then why spend so much time and energy on it? Moving business supporting services like email or IT application infrastructure to the Cloud can ease the operational tasks of internal teams and give you more time and resources for your core business initiatives.

Ok, so maybe the list wasn’t that short, but hopefully it gives you a good set of topics to keep your eyes on in 2018! Know that we plan on being on top of all these and more here at Prosum, so if you’re not quite sure where to start or want to dive deeper on any of these topics, reach out! Technologies are advancing faster than ever and we couldn’t be more excited about it! We can’t wait to see what 2018 will bring!
Happy New Year!

 Not sure where to start for your 2018 planning? Security is a good start.

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