What You Need to Know About KRACK

What You Need to Know About KRACK

What is KRACK?

KRACK is a new network Wi-Fi attack on Wireless Access Points that exploits vulnerabilities within WPA2 Wi-Fi Protocol (The security format that protects Wi-Fi networks).

What is the potential impact? 

If affected, the attacker has access to connected Wi-Fi devices to eavesdrop and inject data into the wireless stream to install malware or adware.  This could be in the form of modified webpages.

If machines are infected, the impact could be large depending on the number of devices attached to the affected Wireless Access Points.  This would require local machine virus cleanup as well as firmware upgrade updates on the Wireless Access Points themselves.

How do you protect your company? 

All Wireless AP Vendors have identified the vulnerabilities on their devices and released security patches to protect against this threat.  Not sure if you have been affected? Reach out to us and we can help!

How Prosum can help?

As a Proactive Managed Services Provider, Prosum is dedicated to ensuring the security of our client’s networks. We provide internet protection and alerting on our devices (Network Devices, Workstations, Servers, as well as Cloud Based VM’s) and through automated procedures we apply security patching to keep our clients secure.  We also provide 24X7 network monitoring and workstation protection with our Prosum Secure security platform to ease our clients worries on their network security.

Malicious threats will continue to happen. Reach out today to see how Prosum can help keep you secure from this threat and the threats of tomorrow.

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