Laptop Donations for School in Nepal

Laptop Donations for School in Nepal

While helping clients discover technology solutions is Prosum’s expertise, we are also passionate about helping the children of Nepal. So when we discovered a need for laptops in empty school computer labs we knew we wanted to help.

And help we did. We started collecting laptops and using our technology background to prepare them for delivery to Nepal as part of the Lions Club International Laptop Distribution Program that his uncle and Lion’s Club governor (2014/2015) in Nepal, Bhim Ghimire supports. The first batch included 12 computers!

When the rest of Prosum found out about this we knew we wanted to help start to fill Nepal’s school computer labs. After all, one of our core values is “foster an environment of growth and learning” and these laptops would give children the gift of learning through technology.

Working with our IT team, we wrangled up Prosum donated laptops for their second and more purposeful life. All laptops were prepared, wiped and had to be in good working shape. After the laptops were ready Bhim Ghimire visited our El Segundo headquarters to pick them up. “Without donations to empty school computer labs, children and especially those at government schools, will likely not have access to a computer until they reach university level,” said Ghimire.

After their 7,876+ mile journey to Nepal, the laptops were met by eager students in Biratnagar, Nepal. For many students this will be their first time using a computer. While a computer may no longer meet the demands of the fast-paced business world, “to a kid in Nepal it is a diamond,” said Ghimire.


These laptops now will provide students with the ability to learn how to use email, google and applications like word and excel. The students will also have access to Khan Academy which is a free personalized learning resource.  With each laptop donated, more students are able to grow and learn.


If you are interested in learning more about this program, or have a laptop or tablet in good working condition* to donate, please contact:

*Note laptop requirements: Windows 7, WIFI capability, and have at least 4GB memory.

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