Doing What’s Right

Outsourcing IT at The California Endowment

‘Doing what’s right’: it’s an everyday mission at The California Endowment, a foundation focused on healthcare issues and access for underserved communities. We’d also like to think that it typifies the work Prosum has done for The Endowment.

The California Endowment originally hired Prosum for our outsourced managed services solutions. “Standard managed services providers typically come in with very rigid solutions sets,” said Prosum’s Andrew Salisbury. “While we give our clients access to business analysts, enterprise project managers, experts who have designed extensive storage environments for Fortune 500 companies, and more.”

Within months of our partnership, The California Endowment was seeing great results—all this, despite a demanding clientele. “We have a highly educated workforce – masters degrees and doctoral degrees,” said Dan DeLeon, CFO of The California Endowment. “They’re familiar with technology and know when they’re not getting the highest level of support.” Prosum delivered beyond expectations. “The noise level reduced significantly when Prosum came here: the number of outages, the number of complaints just completely dropped off,” said DeLeon. “With Prosum, we ended up finding one of those rare win-win scenarios where you have not only better service but also reduced cost of technology…I’m a big fan.

With Prosum, we ended up finding one of those rare win-win scenarios where you have not only better service but also reduced cost of technology…I’m a big fan.
Dan DeLeon, CFO
The California Endowment

In addition to managed services, The California Endowment also engaged Prosum’s solutions expertise to roadmap and implement projects like a disaster recovery site with mirrored environments, a server migration and a hybrid Office 365 environment. A defining moment arose when The California Endowment asked Prosum to implement a contact management system using Salesforce, one of our areas of expertise. Our solutions team gathered requirements and determined that, in this case, Salesforce was not the right fit. The team instead recommended Nationbuilder, a solution that required us to contract with an outside partner.

“One of the pillars of Prosum is to do what’s right,” said Salisbury. “If Prosum is the best solution, we’ll use our internal team. If not, we’ll use other partners.” In this case, the decision to use Nationbuilder cut the project’s costs by more than half. Since the outsource began, Prosum’s customer satisfaction scores have continued to improve year after year. And our role at the foundation has grown too – we now advise on IT organizational management, investment areas and budgeting. We think it’s strong proof that, when you do right by others, it comes back to you for good.

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